Recipe for Longevity

Exercise: A Balanced Recipe for Longevity

What is the perfect blend of exercise for a healthier, longer life? Now, this isn’t about preparing for ultra-marathons or entering Mr Olympia; it’s about understanding the right mix of physical activities to keep ourselves as fit as possible for as long as possible.

A comprehensive study with over half a million participants has shed light on the best exercise regimen for longevity. The secret lies in a balanced trio: Moderate Physical Activity (MPA), Vigorous Physical Activity (VPA), and muscle strengthening.

The Ideal Exercise Combo: It’s More Than a Walk in the Park

The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that those with the lowest risk of early death clocked in more than 75 minutes of MPA, over 150 minutes of VPA, and a minimum of two muscle-strengthening sessions per week. 

Tailoring for Cancer and Cardiovascular Health

For those focusing on reducing the risks of cancer and heart disease, the formula adjusts slightly. More MPA ( 300 minutes weekly), a moderate dose of VPA, and consistent muscle-strengthening work best. It might sound daunting, but consider it an investment in your future well-being. Do you care for yourself enough to make the investment in your future health?

More: Not Just Better, But Perhaps Essential

This study suggests that when it comes to exercise, sometimes more is indeed better. Interestingly, this study’s recommendations surpass the conventional exercise guidelines by some distance, However, it’s crucial to remember that any amount of exercise is a positive step. Not everyone can or wants to commit to an intensive exercise regimen, and that’s perfectly okay. Consistency trumps intensity every time. You should not feel like you have been flogged after every exercise session. 

A Thoughtful Approach to Exercise

Our goal is not just to add years to life but also life to years. While that might mean increasing our exercise regimen, it’s about doing so mindfully and in a way that brings joy and vitality, not injury, dread or monotony.

Your journey to optimal health is just (several thousand) steps away!

Dr Hugh Coyne, co-founder Coyne Medical