Men have unique health needs. Our comprehensive range of men’s health services will help prevent disease, optimise your health and maximise your performance.

GP Consultations

We know that you are busy looking after and providing for your family, working hard, and training hard. That’s why we have taken all the hassle out of seeing a gp. With our same day appointments and online booking you won’t miss out on what’s important to you. Our memberships provide the peace of mind of unlimited gp appointments for a fixed monthly fee. We also accept all the major international insurers and we can take care of all the billing for you. And our first class follow up means that you will be back to your best sooner.

21st Century Health Screening

Our advanced wellness evaluations are not only to prevent disease. Our experienced doctors will explore your physical and emotional health so that you can set goals to optimise your lifestyle. After your comprehensive consultation you will be given a full report and personalised action plan. To learn more about executive health screening click here. International insurance accepted we work with all the major international insurers including cigna, allianz worldwide and bupa global. In many cases your policy we cover a full annual health screen and we will take care of all the hassle of billing for you too

Sexual Health

If you’re sex life is making you feel unhappy our doctors can sensitively help treat the problem whether it is erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or low libido. We can check to see that your hormone levels are in the optimum range and can also provide private prescriptions for medication such as viagra, cialis and levitra. Take our erectile function quiz here. If infection is a worry, we have a full range of testing available for sexually transmitted infection. We can give you your test results the same day including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and hiv testing. If you need a prescription we can arrange a delivery of medication to you in London within 4 hours.

Male Cancers

1 in 8 men will suffer from prostate cancer during their lifetime. We offer prostate cancer screening testing (psa testing) and examination. We check both free and bound psa to improve the accuracy of testing. Come for a full consultation, have your blood tests checked and get the results back the same day. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men. Our doctors can carefully examine any lumps or bumps on the testicle that you may be worried about. If you need to see a specialist we will help you get seen by an expert immediately.

Heart Health

Men are at increased risk of heart disease. Our advanced cardiac analysis includes a comprehensive exam of the heart, lungs and an electrocardiogram as well as cutting edge laboratory testing to establish your risk of heart disease. After your 2 face to face consultations with your doctor you will be given a personalised report and action plan. Click here to learn more. You can read more about how there is more to heart disease than just cholesterol in Dr Hugh Coyne’s blog.

Sports Medicine

We are passionate about helping people live healthier, more active lives. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of sports medicine services. Don’t want to let injury get in the way of your sporting ambitions? Then our cutting edge injury prevention consultations can create a personalised injury prevention program. Taking part in a big event this year? Make sure you are you are in the best possible shape and safe to compete with our pre-event screening. Recovering from an injury? We can guide you through the right diagnosis, treatment, psychological support and nutrition to help you achieve your goals.