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At Coyne Medical, we want to be anything but your ordinary GP Surgery. That’s why we brought together exceptional Consultant Radiology Doctors from some of London’s Leading Hospitals. Providing excellent private diagnostic ultrasound imaging right here in Parsons Green

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All consultations with experienced Consultant Radiologists.

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Scans using latest technology. Receive your own report securely by email.

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Stay local. Access private consultant radiologists without having to travel.

Insurance Not Required

Appointments are available for self-paying clients. Referrals from private and NHS GPs accepted.

Expert Care

If you need further care or hospital referrals we can arrange a referral by one or our experienced private GPs.

Womens Health

Scans available including:

Early Pregnancy




Scans available including:


Joint injections


General Health

Scans available including:

Kidney and bladder

Liver and gallbladder

Abdominal aneurysm screening

Thyroid and lumps


Scans available including:




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Frequently Asked Questions

All patients should be referred by a doctor such as a private or NHS GP, another consultant or health professional such as a physiotherapist. Please have the consultant fill out a request form (click here to download the form) and send it to our team via email before you book an appointment. If you need help getting a referral please feel free to book a consultation with one of our GPs.

Ultrasound Guided Appointment – Hydrodilatation £400
Ultrasound Guided Appointment – Steroid Injection (single site) £360
Ultrasound Guided Appointment – Steroid Injection (two sites) £460
Ultrasound Guided Appointment – Viscosupplement Injection £475
Ultrasound Scan – AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) £220
Ultrasound Scan – Abdomen (Female) £260
Ultrasound Scan – Abdomen (Male) £260
Ultrasound Scan – Abdomen + Pelvis (Female Only) £490
Ultrasound Scan – Axilla (Female) £220
Ultrasound Scan – Axilla (Male) £220
Ultrasound Scan – Bilateral Breast £300
Ultrasound Scan – DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) £180
Ultrasound Scan – Early Pregnancy £180
Ultrasound Scan – Early Pregnancy (Twins) £220
Ultrasound Scan – Follicle tracking (follow up) £180
Ultrasound Scan – Follicle tracking (initial) £240
Ultrasound Scan – Hernia/Inguinal £260
Ultrasound Scan – KUB (Kidneys, Ureter, Bladder) £220
Ultrasound Scan – Lump £220
Ultrasound Scan – MSK(Musculoskeletal) £250
Ultrasound Scan – Paediatric £250
Ultrasound Scan – Pelvis (Female) £240
Ultrasound Scan – Pelvis (Male) £240
Ultrasound Scan – Scrotum/Testes/Groin £220
Ultrasound Scan – Thyroid/Neck £260
Ultrasound Scan – Upper GI £220

We are not currently able to directly bill insurance companies for Ultrasound services. We have well-established relationships directly billing several major international insurers and hope to update this shortly.

We accept self-pay for Ultrasound Consultations, our price list is here:


Scan Type
Bilateral Breast £300
Abdomen £260
Pelvis £240
Scrotum/ Testes/ Groin £220
Thyroid/ Neck £260
Paediatric £250
Musculoskeletal region e.g. shoulder or wrist £250
Lump £220
Kidney, Ureters and Bladder £220
Deep Vein Thrombosis (single limb) £180
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm £220
Upper Abdomen £220
Axilla £220

Dr Piers Osborne is a Consultant Radiologist with subspeciality training in Paediatric and Gynaecology ultrasound. He has trained at the renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We are happy to share details of your care at any time with your consent with your NHS GP or other professionals such as physiotherapists involved in your care. You will also receive your own result to keep for your own records.

The Consultant Radiologist will give you a formal report of your ultrasound scan, this may include a recommendation to see a specialist. If you would like a private referral we can arrange a consultation with one of our private GPs. We have excellent close working relationships with some of the best specialists in London.

Please note that our specialists are independent practitioners who retain clinical responsibility for the care they provide and they each retain their own medical indemnity.