A personal message from our Co-Founder Dr Lucy

18th September 2021

1 in 6 healthy adults will receive a genetic screening result that shows that they are at high risk of disease. I was not expecting to be one of those people.

What is Apolipoprotein B and why is it important?

Apolipoprotein B is an incredibly important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, we explain why.

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Lipoprotein(a) – the bad guy of lipids

We explain what lipoprotein(a) is and why you should have your levels checked with your doctor.

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How Your Day Influences Your Sleep

A good night's sleep starts in the morning. Try to have a consistent time for waking up. Get up early and get your body moving. 

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How often do you need to have sex to get pregnant?

An aspect that many couples find confusing is advice regarding the frequency and timing of sexual intercourse. There are innumerable sources of advice available but many lack quality of evidence or are confusing or contradictory. Knowledge of a few pointers of reproduction can help.

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