What's Included

Full review of your medical history.
Review your family history and identification of high-risk markers.
Full clinical examination.
Sample taking for your blood, genetic, and urine analysis.
Plan for your MRI scans and VO2 Max testing. We want to make sure you are ready for the tests.

Screen for over 50 cancer genes. We test genes linked with digestive tract cancers (colorectal, stomach and pancreatic cancer). We also test genes that increase risk of cancer of the kidney, breasts, ovaries, skin and thyroid. Testing is by an expert genetic laboratory in Germany.

Full list of cancer genes:


Test 22 genes that predict your reaction to common drugs. Genetic variations impact how your response to drugs including effectiveness and side effects. Linked medicines include cholesterol lowering drugs, cardiac drugs, antidepressants, pain killers and anaesthetics.

List of pharmacogenomic tests


Over 100 biomarkers measured.

– Full blood count (FBC)
– Urea and electrolytes
– Kidney function (GFR)
– Liver function tests
– Calcium and bone profile
– Iron status profile
– Thyroid function test
– Vitamin D
– Lipid Analysis including HDL and LDL
– Advanced Lipid Analysis including lipoprotein (a)
– Diabetes screening (glucose and HbA1C)
– Urine analysis
– Bowel cancer screen (FIT test)

Male tests

– Testosterone (including bioavailable testosterone)
– PSA (prostate specific antigen)

Female tests

– Female hormone profile (including oestrogen)
– Cervical screening

VO2 Max Testing is one of the best predictors of longevity. It tells us how your heart and lungs function under stress. Your exercise physiologist will guide you through a 15-minute bike test. If you could improve your VO2 Max from ‘low’ to ‘below average’ your mortality will reduce by 50%. Your results include a personalised exercise plan to improve your VO2 Max.

A detailed scan of over 2000 images checking your body from your head down through your neck, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Enables us to see organs including your brain, liver, pancreas, bladder, kidneys, gall bladder, and thyroid gland. We have partnered with imaging centres in Central London, W1 to provide our clients with access to the highest quality 3T MRI scans. We also work with a selected group of radiologists experienced in reading these scans.  Every MRI scan is checked by two UK radiology consultants to make sure you get the most accurate reports.

The scan experience is designed to make you feel at ease. The whole scan may take up to 90 minutes, the team will be there to talk you through every step and you can take a break. The environment is built with sound and light to relax you whilst you are being checked.

Whole body MRI lets us pick up conditions early. Detecting problems before symptoms appear can mean easier and more effective treatment.

Worldwide whole-body MRI has shown to be highly effective in detecting early cancer. In large studies they have shown between 1-2% of people are found to have cancer on whole body MRI screening.

MRI scans are highly sensitive so about 1 in 3 people will have some milder abnormality which may require further testing or follow-up. We will talk you through this with your results.

Measure body fat and muscle mass. Check visceral fat around your internal organs. Fat around organs brings a high risk of metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Our tests go far beyond basic cholesterol measurement. We use the latest markers for more accurate predictions. Knowing levels, like your lipoprotein (a), can completely change your treatment.

– Resting Electrocardiogram
– Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
– Lipid Analysis including HDL and LDL
– Advanced Lipid Analysis including lipoprotein (a) and apolipoprotein B
– VO2 Max Testing and Exercise Prescription

Bespoke plans will help you live a long healthy life. Your doctor will create your personalised plan and review it with you. Your plan will show you how to reduce your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

– Cancer Prevention Plan
– Cardiovascular Prevention Plan
– Lifestyle Action Plan

Go through your results in detail with your doctor. We want to make sure you get the most from your screening and how you can improve your results and your health. If you need further checks or care our doctors will be there to guide you. We have excellent links to the best specialists and clinics in London.

Total cost £7950

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Your Ultimate Health Journey


Your 90-minute assessment and sample taking by your doctor at our clinic.


At your assessment, we will make sure you are fit to complete the VO2 Max exercise testing and fully prepared for your whole body MRI. Your whole body MRI and VO2 max tests take place at our specially selected centres conveniently located in W1, Central London, chosen for their specialist expertise and excellent facilities. The appointments can be arranged within a few days of your Assessment consultation, at a time to suit your schedule.  


Review all your results in detail with your doctor. Discuss your personalised cancer and cardiac prevention plans. Make a plan for any further checks and care.

A cancer screening blood test can be an excellent addition to your health screening, please let us know if you would like to arrange this at your follow-up consultation.

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Multi Cancer Early Detection Blood Test

Add a simple blood test to help detect cancer early to any health screening. Early detection can save your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an in-depth health screening designed for healthy adults over 40. This is the time in life to get serious about managing your risk of serious illness.
If you have recently experienced a serious illness we would recommend a consultation first. Your doctor can then discuss if you might need more tailored testing.
MRI scans are very safe. They do not use any ionising radiation, in contrast to CT scans and x-rays. They give detailed images.
Some people find being inside the scanner uncomfortable or claustrophobic. We have partnered with Lanserhof as they have the highest quality 3T MRI scanner. They also have a relaxing environment, with lighting, music, and even Netflix. Their scanner has a narrower tunnel so you feel less enclosed.
A few people may not be suitable for MRI scanning, for example, if you have metal fragments in your eye. You will go through a detailed MRI safety checklist before your scan.
We talk to every female about their options for breast screening. We advocate considering annual mammograms from 40 years of age for those at average risk.
We referrals to specialist clinics for breast screening. These scans are best done in expert centres who specialise in breast screening.
We have assisted international clients with limited time in London. If you need your appointments over 1 to 2 days then please contact us.
We prefer to do your screening in 3 steps. Usually, you first see your doctor for your 90-minute Assessment Consultation. We can then take all your samples and make sure that you are fit for your MRI scans and exercise testing. We may detect an injury or health concern which means you need a different or extra test. We share information from your Assessment Consultation so that the consultants can report your scans accurately. 
Your appointment for your whole body MRI, and VO2 max exercise testing will be at our selected partner in Central London, W1. This is usually arranged a few days later, at a time to suit your schedule. We can arrange these tests on the same or the next day after your Assessment Consultation if desired. 
The full results of your blood investigations, whole-body MRI and body composition scans usually take a few days to be available. We believe this is vital as it allows for detailed accurate reports including double reporting of scans by two highly qualified UK Consultant Radiologists. We usually recommend booking your Follow-Up Consultation about 1 week later. We can arrange for this to be by video or telephone consultation if that is more convenient. 
Your genetic screening takes longer, about 4 weeks. We will be in touch with you when they are available.
Many people have had some kind of screening, often linked to family history websites. These tests are for fun like seeing if you have Viking ancestry. They use a method called genotyping, which only looks at tiny segments of genes, so is prone to error. If you have had this screening we would not rely on it. as it is not medical-grade testing.
Medical grade testing is usually called NGS (or next-generation sequencing). If you are unsure then please feel free to send us your previous results.
Genetic screening is a very powerful part of health screening that can change your life.
If you would like a bespoke package without genetic screening then please get in contact with us.

VO2 max testing is excellent because it is all about your personal maximum. So no matter your fitness level you can reach your peak. And your results will give you great guidance on how to improve.

We go through a careful process in your health assessment consultation to ensure that you are not in a high-risk cardiac group. In this rare situation, we may advise it is safer for you to have alternative testing.

Total cost £7950
This includes your 90-minute doctor assessment and 30-minute results and planning consultation. It also includes the blood analysis, MRI scans, and tests described.
During your screening, we may detect a health concern that needs further treatment. Your doctor will tell you the options for this.
If we recommend referral to a hospital you may be able to access it via private health insurance or the NHS.

We are very happy for you to come back to see us if you need more follow-up appointments. We can also share your reports and treatment plans with NHS or other private GPs to help with your ongoing care.

Most UK health insurance policies do not cover health screening or prevention. 
Some international insurance policies do cover health prevention and screening. Check your policy benefits. We can provide invoices and coding as required to assist you with reclaiming your fees.

If there is anything we haven’t covered please get in touch. You can drop us an email to contact@coynemedical.com or give us a call on 02077313077.

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