We remain open to provide your family with medical care. We will regularly update this page with information to keep you and your family safe. Updated Wednesday 16th September 2020.Covid-19 swab and antibody tests available.

COVID:19 Illness

The most common symptoms are fever (feeling hot to touch on chest or back or a temperature of 38.0 or higher) OR a new persistent cough OR loss of sense of smell or taste. It is important that people with suspected Covid:19 infection stay at home and all of their household self-isolate. There is detailed guidance here on how to do this. It is important to arrange swab testing as soon as possible and for the household to isolate whilst awaiting the test result.

Most people with Covid:19 will make a full recovery. If you are concerned, especially if your symptoms are getting worse after seven days, then contact us for a review. We have seen that patients can become sicker in the second week of symptoms from 5 to 10 days and even later. Ongoing fever and shortness of breath are especially concerning symptoms. If your symptoms are concerning then please call us to arrange a phone or video consult. We can visit at home if needed – for example, to check oxygen levels.

COVID-19 PCR Swab Testing

Swab tests check if the virus is currently present at the time of the test. They are best used in the first three days of illness. Swab testing is available from the NHS 111 service for eligible patients. They do not detect past infection; for this you would need an antibody test. More info below.

We are able to offer private PCR swab testing at your home or at the clinic.


How can I get a swab test if I have symptoms of Covid-19?

Symptoms are as follows:

1. Fever (feeling hot to touch on chest or back); we would usually consider a temperature of 38.0 or higher a fever

2. A new, persistent cough (this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours)

3. A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste


Swab kit home delivery.  

Click here to book online now. Choose appointment type Covid-19 Video Consultation + At-Home Swab.

A doctor will call you as close to your chosen time as possible (please allow for a delay of up to one hour). After you have spoken to the doctor our team will arrange a swab kit to go to your home. It will contain clear instructions for how to take the best swab sample. Make sure you complete the label with the correct name and date of birth.

A courier will then return to safely collect the kit, which is couriered directly to the private laboratory. We expect results in 48 to 72 hours. The laboratory is working hard to get results as soon as possible. We can send you a copy of your results by text or email, plus a copy of the official laboratory report which may be required by school or workplaces.


£200 including GP video consultation, courier drop-off and collection to SW6/SW10 address, swab test, laboratory fee, and certificate.

Sage and Opal members benefit from a discounted cost of £125.


Face-to-face clinic or home visits are also available.

If after discussion during your video call we decide you should be seen for a face-to-face consultation, we can then arrange a home visit or a consultation at one of our clinics with enhanced safety precautions and isolation from other patients. We will adjust your fees accordingly in this instance.


How can I get a swab test if I DO NOT have symptoms of Covid-19?

In-clinic testing is also available for those who have no symptoms but require a negative ‘swab test’ or molecular SAR-CoV-2 test with a certificate.

  • Going into hospital for a planned surgery or procedure
  • Traveling abroad (identity verified testing and certificates available if required by your destination)
  • Before restarting work
  • Contacts of confirmed Covid-19 cases

Click here to book online now. Choose appointment type Covid-19 In-Clinic Swab Appointment.


£160 including in-clinic consult, swab test, laboratory fee, and certificate.

Sage and Opal members benefit from a discounted cost of £100.



COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Government approved tests to confirm past infection

We offer Public Health England approved antibody tests by Abbott. We feel that antibody testing should be performed by a doctor in partnership with the patient having had a full discussion of the implications of the test and the results. The test is highly accurate. If the result is positive this is over 99% accurate in confirming a previous infection with Covid-19. The test should be taken at least two to three weeks after the onset of a suspected Covid-19 illness if you have had symptoms.

Studies show a negative result is also highly reliable, estimated at over 95% in the UK. But we know a small percentage of people can have a ‘false negative’ result. They may have had a very mild illness or for some other reason not have significant antibodies detected. Most recent testing in London has indicated up to 1 in 5 people may have been infected in the past.

There have been some very interesting recent studies showing some people may be protected against Covid-19 by another part of the immune system, called T-cells. These cells are not yet easily checked for outside of research studies.

Regardless of any results, at present, we MUST all continue to follow the government advice on social distancing. We do not yet know enough about testing and the virus to be confident on immunity long term.


How can I get an antibody test?

Click here to book online now. Choose appointment type Covid-19 Antibody Blood Test Appointment.

If you have any questions about the test that are not addressed on this page, please email reception and they can arrange for a doctor to send you information by email or call you before you come in for your test.

Results are usually expected approximately 24-48 hours later. We can provide copies and certificates on request.


£150 including sample taking by a doctor in one of our clinics, laboratory fee, and copy of results.

Sage and Opal members benefit from a discounted cost of £75.


Coming to see a GP for another reason?

If you need to see a doctor for another problem we can add an antibody test to your GP consultation or a health screening for £75. Book online.

Protecting Patients

We will always continue to place patient safety as a top priority for the clinic. We are confident our measures mean we continue to offer a clean and safe environment for your care.

Online First

We will make contact with patients firstly by telephone or video consultation. If we can safely manage your problem then we can arrange prescriptions delivery to your home or pharmacy. Rest assured we are also able to see patients safely in either of our SW6 clinics for a face to face consultation on the same day as required.

We are also able to offer home visits when needed to our local patients.


When you arrive at the clinic you will be asked to use the non-touch hand sanitiser and wear a surgical face mask, if you are not already covering your face. Our reception team are shielded behind a perspex screen for your safety. It is sensible to come to your appointment without additional family members if you can.

We have the highest grade personal protective equipment and theatre scrubs for all our staff. Medical equipment and surfaces are cleaned between every consultation. We also disinfect other high-touch surfaces such as handles every hour.


We are spacing are appointments to ensure that there is more than adequate space for over 2m social distancing. We can also offer a private room for waiting if you would prefer. This may be especially reassuring for parents bringing young babies for check-ups and vaccinations.


All our staff are able to maintain safe social distancing in our offices and reception. All reception staff and doctors are wearing face masks. Staff check their temperature on arrival at the clinic and any staff who have possible symptoms are immediately isolated and tested. All staff also receive Covid-19 antibody testing. We are so far fortunate in having no cases of Covid-19 amongst our team.

All clinical rooms have patient chairs, privacy screens and examination couches which are designed to be easily cleanable and are disinfected after each patient. Appointments are spaced in order to allow for these procedures.

Taking Care

There are lots of things we can do to look after ourselves and children during periods of self-isolation or social distancing. It is very important vulnerable groups, including those with underlying health conditions, such as heart and lung disease and pregnant women, follow the advice carefully. Read more here. Dr Hugh has written a great collection of blogs with lots of special advice related to Covid:19, plus a round-up of local services still running.