Recovery for your body and mind

Experience whole body cryotherapy at our Fulham Road clinic. Widely used by elite athletes now you can recover like a pro. Experience temperatures as low as -140℃ in just 3 minutes.


Recover like a pro.

Reduce inflammation

Can reduce pain, inflammation and swelling. Drug free.

3 minutes

Feel amazing in only 3 minutes out of your day.

Improve Sleep

Can enhance sleep quality and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Most advanced chamber

Reach temperatures as low as -140℃ for maximal benefits. Each session is individually tailored to you in time and temperature.

No shower required

Our chamber uses dry cooled air, so you stay clean and fresh. Making it easy to fit in a session around your day.

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Our Cryotherapy Options:

Introductory Session: £45

1 session: £90

5 sessions: £325

10 sessions £550


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Frequently Asked Questions

Cold therapies have been used since ancient times to alleviate pain and to invigorate participants. However, it wasn’t until 40 years ago go that whole body cryotherapy was introduced into clinical practice. Professor Toshiro Yamauchi recognised that the combination of cold and physical exercise had a beneficial effect on his patients who were suffering from rheumatoid arthritis when they came back from winter holidays. Prof. Yamauchi constructed the first cryochamber and successfully used it to treat patients with rheumatism.

These days whole body cryotherapy is performed in special chambers which have strict control over the temperature and humidity. Participants are usually dressed to allow maximum exposure to the cold. Usually, participants must stay in the chamber no longer than 3 minutes at a temperature from – 85 to – 140 degrees Celsius. Whole-body cryotherapy should only be performed under the supervision of trained personnel. The door of the cryotherapy Chamber is closed with a magnet and therefore participants are free to leave the chamber at any time. 

We will help you build up your sessions, people will usually start with 2 and a half minutes at -110 degrees Celsius.

The chamber and changing area will be for your personal use for your session. In addition to our Covid-19 safe procedures including mask wearing by clients and staff.

Yes, you can use the chamber either before or after your workout session. Your skin should be clean and dry before you enter the chamber. You should not apply lotions or oils before the session. You won’t need to shower afterwards. You’ll be ready to get straight back to your day.

To get the best experience we recommend men wear shorts and women wear shorts and a sports bra. You are welcome to wear your own shorts and sports bra, they should be clean, dry and made of cotton.

We have shorts and sports bras available, we will also supply you with a face mask, headband, gloves, socks and shoes to protect your sensitive parts of the body, fingers, toes and ears from the cold. All items are cleaned after use.

The door to the chamber is not locked at any time. You can always leave the chamber by pushing the door open. One of our team will be with you through your treatment. You will be able to see and hear them through the glass window and our microphone.

Yes, let us know your favourite track and dance your way through. If you want a selfie or video of your session then let us know.

We have had clients from 18 to 70 years of age enjoy the chamber.

There are a few medical conditions where it is not advised such as those with cold intolerant conditions e.g. Raynauds disease. Our team will take you through a detailed checklist before each session. We will also check your blood pressure before entering the chamber. You must also not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are not sure please drop us an email for advice to