A personal message from our Co-Founder Dr Lucy

18th September 2021

1 in 6 healthy adults will receive a genetic screening result that shows that they are at high risk of disease. I was not expecting to be one of those people.

Living Your Best Day, Every Day – Blending Ancient Wisdom With Modern Medical Evidence

Blending ancient wisdom with modern medical evidence to help you live out your best day every day.

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5 Back to School Illnesses You Should Know About (That Aren’t COVID-19)

Dr Hugh discusses the five back to school illnesses you should know about as the summer holidays draw to a close.

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How to Manage a Crying Baby

Dr Hugh gives 9 fantastic tips to help you settle your crying baby.

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Covid-19 Vaccines What You Need To Know

The start of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the UK was a great moment for everyone in healthcare. We want to make sure all our patients have the best information on the vaccines.

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