A personal message from our Co-Founder Dr Lucy

When Hugh and I founded Coyne Medical over 5 years ago a key part of our dream was to create a family medical practice that embraced preventative healthcare using the latest tools and technology.

This year we have been excited to be working on bringing genetic screening for cancer and cardiac disease into the practice. We see your genetics as another key piece of information that forms part of 21st-century health screening, in the same way as knowing your blood pressure and cholesterol.

1 in 6 healthy adults will receive a genetic screening result that shows that they are at high risk of disease. I was not expecting to be one of those people. I recently received a result that puts me at high risk of certain illnesses, especially breast cancer.  Having seen so many women face breast cancer I feel incredibly fortunate to have received this result whilst I am still healthy. I have made the decision to go ahead with a risk-reducing mastectomy this week.

I will be taking a short break from work whilst I recover from surgery. I know we have a truly excellent team and that everyone will be very well cared for but I will miss my patients and colleagues enormously. I love my job and can’t wait to be back with even more passion for bringing the best medical care to our patients. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

My very best,

Dr Lucy Hooper