We are proud to offer personalised, injectable treatments all delivered by a highly experienced doctor. Dr Christina has been a valued team member for the last 2 years at Coyne Medical. She has over 10 years of experience in using injectables and medical aesthetics.

Meet Dr Christina

Doctor Christiana Eustace

My own interest in aesthetics started when I was 37 years old (I’m 52 now!) and I became unhappy with the grumpy frown line emerging between my eyebrows.  As grumpy as I can be – I didn’t want to look permanently cross. I’d heard about “Botox®” and with some trepidation, I found a practitioner who injected those nuisance lines. Within 2 weeks I looked exactly the way I’d hoped. The lines had softened and I looked like ‘me’ from 5 years earlier. That was it, I thought I’d like to learn how to spread a little of this joy around. I have subsequently trained in filler and toxin treatments and have learned so much from treating my patients over the years. 

A Truly Holistic Approach To Aesthetic Treatments

For me, the key is a holistic, non-formulaic approach when it comes to aesthetic treatment. There are as many treatment options as there are humans who want them. The approach has to be tailored to the individual. It needs to take into account what they would like and what I can realistically achieve. This includes “non-aesthetic” factors, where the person is at in their life, their medical history, lifestyle choices, and hormones. 

You are beautiful

A Subtle Approach

My approach to aesthetics tends to be more subtle and understated. I like to hold back time a little or turn back the clock by a few years. The products I prefer to use are well established, and reliable. I tend to work with the Juvederm Vycross range of products. When it comes to using botulinum toxin to block those muscles that create wrinkles, I prefer to use the “Botox®” brand. For tear troughs, I like to use a filler that is licensed for this area which is Teosyals Redensity. And I love using the hydrating product Profhilo.

I always start with an initial consultation where we can discuss your skin and your wishes. I look forward to welcoming you to the clinic. 

Dr Christina

Book your initial consultation in-clinic or by video today.

Initial consultation with Dr Christina £50 (redeemable against the cost of treatments)

Treatment costs are a guide and Dr Christina will always talk you through the costs and options before your treatment. You will usually then come back to have your chosen treatment at your next consultation.


Price List

Botox treatment (1 area) £200

Botox treatment (2 areas) £250

Botox treatment (3 areas) £300

Botox treatment (Chin) £150

Profhilo treatment (liquid hydration) £400

Juvederm smile treatment £450

Teartrough filler treatment £400

Voluma treatment £400


Please note that our specialists are independent practitioners who retain clinical responsibility for the care they provide and they each retain their own medical indemnity.