Booking Immunisation Appointments

Chickenpox vaccination

Please note there is currently a nationwide shortage of chickenpox vaccinations. We are currently unable to accept new bookings for chickenpox vaccination. If you would like to join our waiting list then please email

If your child is due their second dose of chickenpox vaccination please be reassured that children receive a high level of protection from their first dose. In many countries, the second dose is given several years apart and so there is no medical concern about delaying this.

Child Immunisations

Immunisation Records

Please bring your child’s previous immunisation records to their appointment. In the UK this is often called the ‘red book’.

Parental Permission

If your child is coming to their appointment with someone who does not have ‘parental responsibility’ such as a nanny, childminder or grandparent then please ensure that you give them a note with your written permission for the specific vaccine. If you have any questions beforehand for the doctor then please contact us by email before your appointment.

Adult and Travel Vaccinations

General Vaccinations

Please bring any previous vaccination records to your appointment. You may ask your NHS GP for a printout of your vaccination record.

Travel Vaccinations

Please bring details of your planned trip, including countries, stopovers and activities. Information on if you are going to visit rural areas, farming areas or have contact with animals for instance can all help to decide which vaccinations are recommended.

If you would like to check which vaccines are required then please look at the information on the TravelHealthPro website.

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