Private Covid-19 Testing

We are proud to offer Covid-19 testing for staff and families of SCHOOL NAME.

We can provide quick and easy Covid-19 testing with results available the NEXT DAY, as well as access to an experienced private GP for medical support.

This will help to ensure the children stay healthy and can continue to enjoy being back in the school environment.

COVID:19 Illness

The most common symptoms are fever (feeling hot to touch on chest or back or a temperature of 38.0 or higher) OR a new persistent cough OR loss of sense of smell or taste. It is important that people with suspected Covid:19 infection stay at home and all of their household self-isolate. There is detailed guidance here on how to do this.

Testing should be done as soon as possible, this will allow quick identification of Covid-19 cases so that they can receive the appropriate treatment. It will also allow isolation of any possible close contacts to reduce spread within the school.

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COVID-19 PCR Testing

PCR tests check if the virus is currently present at the time of the test. PCR Swab testing is available from the NHS 111 service for eligible patients meeting their criteria. Due to the current high demand for tests, we are able to offer private PCR testing.

Step 1. Get a test kit.

If your child is sent home from school because they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or there are other reasons to be concerned you may collect a testing kit from the office.

We have the option of either a swab (nose and throat) test or a saliva test. They are both the PCR tests that are fully approved. Older children and adults many find providing a saliva sample easier and more comfortable. The kits come with full instructions on how to provide your sample.

Alternatively, we can arrange delivery of a test kit by private courier to your home.

The kit contains full instructions and pictures to show how to perform a swab test. Please make sure you complete the sticker with the patient’s name and date of birth carefully.

Step 2. Book a video consultation 

Book a video consultation with one of our team of experienced private GPs. You can do this easily online at the bottom of this page, no login details or password needed.

The doctor will check the patient’s symptoms. In children, this is especially important as we know a fever may be a symptom of many different illnesses aside from Covid-19.

We are able to offer a face to face appointment at one of our two clinics in Fulham if needed, with enhanced safety and infection control precautions.

Step 3. Get back to school safely with next day results

After the consultation, our administration team will arrange a private courier to collect your PCR test kit.

Samples are analysed by our private laboratory, if we receive your test kit before 6pm then we expect to get your results back the next day.

When your result is available we will send you confirmation by email and text message. In the event of a positive result for the virus which causes Covid-19, our doctors will be available to ensure you receive the best care.


£250 including a GP video consultation, courier drop off and collection to SW6/SW10 address, urgent PCR test kit, laboratory fee, and certificate.

If you have any further questions or difficult booking online please book get in touch with our reception team at

Need a Covid-19 antibody test or to see a doctor?

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