Doctor in the House

Doctor in the House


To help alleviate your worries about contracting COVID-19 we’ve created a modern “Doctor in the House”. If your symptoms are important to you, they’re important to us!

Coping with stress and anxiety during Covid-19

Coping with Stress and Anxiety during Covid 19

The Outbreak of SARS CoV1 and the disease it causes, Covid 19, is an immense challenge to all of us. However, it’s not only the medical challenge that is immense. The changes to our lives and the constant stream of news and social media

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Advice for parents during Covid-19

Advice for Parents During Covid-19

There are some great memes going around about the ‘joys’ of parenting during self-isolation and social distancing. However, being on top of one another while schools are out can be a challenge.

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Helping sleep during Covid-19

Helping Sleep During Covid-19

Many people, including us, are finding sleep difficulty during the Covid 19 pandemic. Over a sustained period of time chronic partial sleep loss has been shown to reduce mood, increase the likelihood of picking up infections.

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qFIT Test the new detection test tackling bowel cancer

The qFIT test – the new detection test tackling Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is the 4th most common cancer and the 2nd most common cause of death within the UK, making it a strong target for new and innovative detection technologies.

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