Doctor in the House

Doctor in the House


To help alleviate your worries about contracting COVID-19 we’ve created a modern “Doctor in the House”. If your symptoms are important to you, they’re important to us!

Helping sleep during Covid-19

Helping Sleep During Covid-19

Many people, including us, are finding sleep difficulty during the Covid 19 pandemic. Over a sustained period of time chronic partial sleep loss has been shown to reduce mood, increase the likelihood of picking up infections.

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qFIT Test the new detection test tackling bowel cancer

The qFIT test – the new detection test tackling Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is the 4th most common cancer and the 2nd most common cause of death within the UK, making it a strong target for new and innovative detection technologies.

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Discover cancer and cardiac genetics

Discover Cancer and Cardiac Genetics – Cancer and Cardiac Genetic Testing

At Coyne Medical we believe in the power of genetic testing to improve our health. That’s why we wanted to make high-quality genetic testing accessible to our patients.

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Using your DNA to personalise your medication

Using Your DNA To Personalise Your Medication

What is pharmacogenomics? It is the idea that a person’s genes influence their response to medicinal drugs. This means that by knowing and understanding your genes we can discover the right medication for you at the optimum dose.

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