Private Covid-19 Testing

We offer our patients same day delivery of swab PCR Covid-19 tests in the local area. With same day appointments, home delivery and pick up and emailed results we take the hassle out of testing.

As well as our rapid testing service you will always have the added benefit of our experienced private doctors to ensure you and your family get the best care.

Covid-19 testing is recommended for all people with a FEVER or a new, persistent COUGH or loss of sense of SMELL or  TASTE.

We know that many people also experience other symptoms such as fatigue, headache, sore throat and stomach upsets. Also many people may have no symptoms or be concerned because they have been in contact with a case.

Most people with Covid:19 will make a full recovery. If you are concerned, especially if your symptoms are getting worse after seven days, then contact us for a review. We have seen that patients can become sicker in the second week of symptoms from 5 to 10 days and even later. Ongoing fever and shortness of breath are especially concerning symptoms. If your symptoms are concerning then please call us to arrange a phone or video consult. We can see you in clinic or visit at home if needed – for example, to check oxygen levels.

COVID-19 PCR Testing

PCR tests check if the virus is currently present at the time of the test. PCR Swab testing is available from the NHS 111 service for eligible patients meeting their criteria.

Due to the current high demand for tests, we are able to offer private PCR testing using a swab sample.

Step 1. Book a video consultation 

Book a video consultation with one of our team of experienced private GPs. You can do this easily online at the bottom of this page, no login details or password needed. Choose ‘Urgent Covid-19 PCR Test and Video Consult’.

The doctor will check the patient’s symptoms. In children, this is especially important as we know a fever may be a symptom of many different illnesses aside from Covid-19.

We are able to offer a follow-up face to face appointment at one of our two clinics in Fulham if needed, with enhanced safety and infection control precautions after your video consultation.

Step 2. Get a test kit.

After the consultation, our administration team will arrange a private courier to drop and collect your PCR test kit to your home. We use private couriers so that we can provide you with a test kit and arrange it’s collection usually on the same day, whilst you stay safely at home. We use a swab PCR test that is fully approved for Covid-19 testing. The samples are analysed by a trusted external laboratory, who are approved to share information with Public Health England. The kits come with full instructions and pictures to explain how to take your sample. Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully and complete the sticker with the patient’s name and date of birth carefully.

Step 3. Get back to normal safely with your results

We courier your samples to the laboratory so they are received speedily to enable the quickest turnaround of results for you. The laboratory will process your sample and aim to report within 24 hours but due to the current high demand samples can take up to 48 to 72 hours. When your result is available we will send you confirmation by email and text message. In the event of a positive result for the virus which causes Covid-19, our doctors will call you and be available to ensure you receive the best care. We can provide copies of results or letters as required for schools and workplaces.


£250 including a GP video consultation, courier drop off and collection to SW6/SW10 address, urgent PCR test kit, laboratory fee, and certificate.

If you have any further questions or difficult booking online please book get in touch with our reception team at

Need a Covid-19 PCR test for work or travel?

If you are not currently required to isolate but need a test to enable travel abroad or for your work then you can go ahead and book a test at one of our clinics or home. Choose ‘Urgent Covid-19 PCR Test In Clinic (No Symptoms).

Please check carefully what tests and timing of test before departure are required for your destination or any transit stops. There are no international guidelines on this and the requirement vary significantly between countries. The UK government website is a reliable source of advice or the embassy of the country which you will be visiting.

Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your results to be processed before your travel. We know some airlines are imposing very strict and tight rules about the timing of Covid-19 tests which are very difficult. Laboratory delays can and do occur, rarely samples may be reported as inconclusive and there is currently a high demand for testing for people with symptoms of Covid-19. We would advise ensuring your travel plans are flexible to allow for these delays without causing undue stress. The laboratory aim to report samples within 24 hours but can take 48 to 72 hours from the time they receive the sample.

Whilst Coyne Medical Ltd will do everything it can to ensure prompt reporting for Covid-19 PCR results, these tests are processed by an external accredited laboratory who may from time to time experience delays during the current pandemic. We can accept no responsibility for financial losses, travel cancellations, disruption, or refusal to travel due to failed or later delivery of test kit and/or reported test results.